Mark Mosher is a synthesist and multi-media artist from Boulder Colorado. Mark has performed as a solo and collaborative electronic and experimental artist at festivals, concert halls, theaters and universities across the US.

For 10 years Mark has been blogging on synthesizers at Modulate This!. He is also founder and organizer of the 480+ member strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. In addition to releasing original composed cinematic electronica albums, Mark also produces the original soundscape podcast Sonic Encounters.

Mark’s primary instrument is the Elektron Octatrack dynamic performance sampler. He has spent years going deep with this insanely complex instrument to develop performance methods that allow him to create and process music and sound in unique ways – and completely on-the-fly.


To complement the Octatrack, Mark uses original sounds programmed an performed on the Waldorf Blofeld desktop synthesizer. He drives the Blofeld using and iPad running Lemur software. Mark’s custom Lemur interfaces allow him to create evolving and emergent sounds not possible with keys, knobs and sliders.

You can learn more about Mark at