Photos from (no)poem Experimental Ambient Concert at Walnut Room in Denver

Darwin Grosse and I performed another (no)poem set the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup on January 12th.  We improvised using graphical scores. We also use generative feedback-based visuals via Max Patch that Darwin developed. This performance was in the wonderful Walnut Room in Denver which has a fantastic PA.

Below are photos from the show. A big thanks to Chris Sessions and Jeff Navarro for contributing photos.


Photos from (no)poem Experimental Ambient Heartland Tour 2015

In August Darwin Grosse and I set off for the (no)poem mini-tour through the Heartland to Lincoln Nebraska and Des Moines Iowa. Huge thanks to all the venue hosts and the concert goers who came out to these unique experimental ambient shows!

Also a big thanks to Gary Andrews in Lincoln and Eva Lewin in Des Moines ( for contributing photos to this gallery.

Day 1: July 31st – Boulder > Lincoln


Day 2: August 1st – Show in Lincoln


Day 3: August 2nd – Show in Des Moines

Day 4: August 3rd – Des Moines > Boulder